A trio of transportation startups—Bird, Spin, and LimeBike—recently deployed fleets of scooters in places like San Francisco, Austin, and Los Angeles. They should have a reward program for anyone returning the birds at set location, just like the machine returns a quarter at the Airport when someone returns the cart. Anyone returning a Bird should be rewarded either through points or by giving them ride credits

#Youtube : Youtube ads needs to be more intelligent. They have Ads not appropriate for kids during streaming kids content and Ads in between meditation videos. With advances in Machine learning and AI, it is disappointing to see these Ads targeting the wrong audience.

A bad system will defeat a good person every time


Bottles of Milk, fresh bread and Eggs on the doorstep will be fashionable again. These trends go in cycles. People go on bargain shopping at discount grocery chain and then after a while opt out for premium products. Farm to door step will will a new trend

#BestBuy needs to check its store inventory before displaying a local store option for pick-up. I had to go to the order multiple times and pick different stores only to get an email that that product is not available. This is a bug in the system that needs to be fixed to make the in-store pick-up experience a better one.

Retailer should displays Facebook ‘likes’ for high end items in its retail stores on small display screens. It is a simple yet good idea on how the real world and the online can converge to create a modern shopping experience. Instead of users scanning and going online to find the popularity, they could get real time tally of "Likes".

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Bank branch plays a key role in customer service, satisfaction and quality of experience. Studies show that poor service – which impacts satisfaction and experience – is the biggest cause of customer churn. Hence, in order to retain loyalty, banks must strengthen in-branch service so that customers aren't merely satisfied, but actually delighted. People are the lifeblood of the branch; the level of service and consequently, satisfaction delivered by it is highly dependent on the efforts of its staff. Many of the basic things that banks could improve in the branch customer experience - such as recognizing customers when they walk in and thanking them - come down to interaction style. Many banks don't even take the basic step of thanking customers for their business. "In the hotel industry, if you're a member, they always thank you for your membership when you check in,” Banks should learn some of those basic steps from that industry

Why not board people in the back first, in groups of six to eight? Alternatively, board window seats first, then middle, then aisle. The zones approach is quite flawed. There's always someone who stops the flow.

These days, customer service can go a long way toward loyalty. Several travelers has expressed that the airlines that have treated them the best are continually rewarded with their business, and that they will never again fly with airlines with which they had negative customer service experiences. Airlines, take note—treating your customers respectfully isn't just good courtesy, it can also boost your bottom line. Treating passengers as people empowers both the passenger and the people working for the airlines and provides a better travel experience for everyone.